Lady Ramona Derrick
Lady Ramona Derrick

Lady Ramona Derrick


One third of Team Derrick (R3 = Rodney + Ramona + The Revelation of the Holy Spirit!), Lady Ramona Derrick, the founder of Woman In Action ReVive, is dynamic powerhouse that is on fire for the Kingdom of God. Driving all audiences towards a deeper relationship with “Daddy God”, Lady Derrick puts an indefatigable prominence to the Word of God, as she shares her message of Hope, Empowerment and Action.  Together with her husband, Pastor Rodney Derrick, they served more than 22 years at the the Potter’s House of Dallas Texas.

Lady Ramona Derrick
Lady Ramona Derrick

Lady Ramona Derrick was raised in the Mid-West, in Rock Island, Illinois, and attended the Rock Island school system. She also attended Eastern Iowa College where she obtained successful accomplishments in Human Resource and Development.

Lady D has been involved in Christian ministry for many years and has served in many capacities, including Associate Pastor’s Wife, District Choir Director, Radio Outreach, and working with inner city youth. Since membership began at The Potter’s House of Dallas, Inc., in 1999, In addition to raising two daughters, and one son, she managed to continue her education at Light University and studied in Christian Counseling, and received her certification in Marriage and Pre-marital coaching.

In 2009, Lady Derrick hung up her corporate suit of working for over 25 years in the field of Human Resource and Development, to serve in full time ministry along side of her husband. In 2017 Lady D decided to enhance her coaching knowledge by obtaining a certificate of completion in Mental Health USA. Lady D has been proven to be committed to the development of Christian servanthood, graced to empower, and gifted to serve all she will touch in the spirit of excellence.

In 2010 Lady D founded Woman In Action ReVive teaching the whole person, men and women to live full. She plays an active part in a variety of community 5k/walks for many charity fund raisers; teaching, and coaching families to enjoy their God given lives each and everyday.  Today, she and husband, Pastor Rodney Derrick, light up the world with their weekly messages “Team Derrick Conversation & Chat” each Sunday afternoon.

LadyD is married to Pastor Rodney Derrick Sr., for 40 years. Graced to have three children, and five grandchildren. She and her husband reside together in Dallas, TX.

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