R3 Conference Team

Team Derrick (R3 = Rodney + Ramona + The Revelation of the Holy Spirit!), Pastor Dr. Rodney Derrick and First Lady Pastor Ramona Derrick, are an unstoppable tag-team of Kingdom Building anointed power that is transforming peoples’ lives through the immutable and eternal Power of the Word of God.  From humble beginnings where they grew up in the Quad Cities IA area, to 22-years of service to Bishop T.D. and First Lady Serita Jakes, at the Potter’s House of Dallas TX, Team Derrick continues to faithfully proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Team Derrick Ministries

Team Derrick

From Dallas TX, their popular weekly “Conversation & Chat” Facebook Live Sunday afternoon series draws attention world-wide – reaching from the inner-city to the international area – with viewers coast-to-coast and from around the globe.  Their life experiences and their faith in God emanate from the core of their beings and provide a perfect backdrop for the canvas of improving the lives of those they interact with through their media ministry outreaches.

Pastor Rodney Derrick

Pastor Rodney Derrick


Rodney Derrick is an anointed preacher, lecturer, conference facilitator and speaker.  His gift has been a blessing to men, women and children of all ages for over 39 years. Representing the third generation of Gospel preachers in his family, Pastor Derrick is the thankful recipient of the gift of ministry that was passed from his grandfather on to his father and now to him.    Pastor Derrick was called by God to preach as a teenager in 1979 and in 1982 he was ordained as an Elder.   Pastor Derrick has served in many capacities within the Kingdom of God, including associate pastor, district evangelist, and district organist.  Pastor Derrick has also worked with inner-city youth in the teaching of leadership and development. 

Lady Ramona Derrick

First Lady Ramona Derrick


Lady Ramona Derrick, the founder of Woman In Action ReVive, is dynamic powerhouse that is on fire for the Kingdom of God. Driving all audiences towards a deeper relationship with “Daddy God”, Lady Derrick puts an indefatigable prominence to the Word of God, as she shares her message of Hope, Empowerment and Action.

She plays an active part in a variety of community 5k/walks for many charity fund raisers; teaching, and coaching families to enjoy their God given lives each and everyday. Today, she and husband, Pastor Rodney Derrick, light up the world with their weekly messages “Team Derrick Conversation & Chat” each Sunday afternoon.